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Lazarus Island, Singapore

work / r+ lazarus


9,000 m2




Design Proposal
r+ is developing a resort consisting of 12 exclusive modular suites that float. It can be deployed in almost any body of water. More than simple standalone house boats, these modular suites come with all the amenities for a premium stay, such as a swimming pool, poolside dining, sports and fitness centre and a spa.

This avant-garde approach to hospitality distinguishes it from any other format of hospitality experience in terms of both the stay experience and sustainability.

r+ lazarus addresses the needs of discerning guests, offering an extraordinary escape from the conventional. Guests can revel in the units, assured that their stay is a sustainable one that is unaffected by rising sea levels and food security.

r+ lazarus is categorised under the r+ cabins concept. All the modules are pre-assembled to minimise the resort’s footprint at site. r+ cabins are a forerunner development for the r+ brand’s other hospitality offerings such as r+ reserve and r+ estate.