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Kampot, Cambodia

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Design Proposed
r+ kampot is a premium hotel with 15 villas and facilities set in farmland, allowing guests to appreciate the beauty of the landscape on site.

This hotel promises guests a first-hand stay experience with all the creature comforts of upscale modern living, yet keeping in harmony with the natural environment. The existing farmland will be untouched as far as possible to ensure an authentic environment where guests are in immediate and direct contact with the local farmscape.

Part of the hotel land will be converted to farm varieties of local crops for guest activities and agricultural appreciation. Guests can have a go at harvesting or picking their fruits of choice to make beverages or desserts at the all-day dining cafe. The crops are also used for farm-to-table dining at the restaurant.

All facilities are designed to be open to the elements, including pathways, pool facilities and outdoor dining. Guests will feel thoroughly immersed in nature. Part of the land will be converted into a large pond for guests to enjoy more vistas on an otherwise modest plot. The pond will be used for selected water activities and as a backdrop for the restaurant.

All the villas, facilities and amenities will sit lightly on the land via lightweight modular construction, so as to ensure minimal onsite disturbance and de-emphasise the presence of the hotel buildings, in deference to the existing landscape.

The site boasts magnificent views towards the Bokor Mountains, with the villas and dining facilities strategically positioned to take advantage of the view. Some villas face a landscaped canal which aids the irrigation and drainage of the land; the canal is part of a network that serves the Kampot Park master plan. Other hotel facilities are inward facing for privacy purposes.